Re: The use of positional arguments in translations

Hello Jody,

Is there anyway to fix the glib's positional arguments support?
positional argument support is very important for translation quality.

And we have used it heavily, assuming that this problem will be fixed.
You know, it is easy to use positional argument at the very start, while
it is hard to go over the old translation to find those strings should
be translated using P.A but not yet.

Friday, March 15, 2002, 11:58:43 PM, you wrote:

JG> Just a quick note from a maintainer than has been burned by these.
JG> Please be very careful about using positional transposition of
JG> arguments when translating C format strings.

JG>     eg translating "Arg1 %s Arg2 %d" as "Arg2 %2$d Arg1 %1$s"

JG> On some systems there is a serious limitation in glib's
JG> g_printf_string_upper_bound routine.  It does not understand the
JG> transposition.  This will cause crashes if you happen to exchange
JG> arguments of different types.  In the example above glib will
JG> attempt to read the integer as a string pointer ...

JG> Positional arguments can be used provided that glib is _not_
JG> involved in the interpretation.  So please check with package
JG> maintainers for all uses of this idiom.

JG> thanks

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