Re: gnome-i18n-status Bugzilla category?

El dom, 28-04-2002 a las 00:18, Christian Rose escribió:
> sön 2002-04-28 klockan 00.07 skrev Carlos Perelló Marín:
> [...]
> > P.S.: This thread is really big and I don't have time today to answer all your questions,
> > please be pacient I should finish some changes to generate today status pages,
> > tomorrow I will answer more mails (or perhaps tonight, but only after status 
> > update ;-). And yes THE SOLUTION is at gnome-i18n/status/translation-status.xml
> Carlos, couldn't we use Bugzilla for bugs and requests about the status
> pages, and set up a component for it? I can imagine that from the sheer
> number of mails and comments on irc and all possible discussions that
> it's very difficult to remember all the comments and suggestions that
> people have for the status pages/status scripts.
> So how about a "gnome-i18n-status" product in Bugzilla, or possibly a
> "gnome-i18n" product with a "status" component (whichever is considered
> best) that lets people log bugs against the status pages/scripts?

We have it already. I have send it here several times (I think...)

It's the website product, gtp component.


> Christian
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