We need a solution about .po files && UTF-8

An introduction for gnome-hackers readers...

We have a problem with l10n strings for GNOME 2.0. For all systems with
glibc < 2.2 the autorecode feature of glibc is not available so all .po
files should be encoded as UTF-8. We need mantainers opinion about this
problem because it's a critical bug that needs a fix before GNOME 2.0

We have several options:

1.- Store all .po files for GNOME 2.0 at cvs.gnome.org as UTF-8
2.- Recode all .po files as UTF-8 at distribution time.

The "problems" are:

The option number 1 can cause some problems to translator people because
the lack of UTF-8 editors to update the UTF-8 files.

The option number 2 forces to use gettext >= 0.11 to all mantainers when
they do a make dist and we should add a rule to execute the recode.

Here you have the thread link to get more information about this issue:



Carlos Perelló Marín
Valencia - Spain

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