Re: doc-i18n-tool

Damien Donlon - Sun Microsystems Ireland - Solaris Software - Software Engineer <Damien.Donlon@Sun.COM> writes:

> Hi Jonathan,
> So, we can use this to generate a DocBook XML file
> from an existing DocBook SGML file by doing :
> DocBook SGML -> .pot -> DocBook XML ?

No.  We can do something like:

DocBook XML -> .pot
DocBook XML + .pot -> Translated DocBook XML


DocBook SGML -> .pot
DocBook SGML + .pot -> Translated DocBook SGML

The actual format/structure of the document doesn't change.

> If so, fantastic! Some of the Sun SGML doc translations 
> have already been done to SGML so something like this is 
> bound to be helpful. It's a bit late here now but I'll try 
> this out tomorrow. One question - does it handle multi-byte 
> codesets ok?

It expects the input to be in the 'C' locale (of course), and the output
file will be UTF-8.

> Also, do you happen to know whether the move to DocBook XML 
> is *absolutely* definite now for Gnome 2.0? Is there a schedule 
> for the changover i.e for when XML format docs have to go into 
> the CVS tree based on the most recent Gnome 2.0 schedule?

This is up to the doc guys.  Any comments?

> Incidentally - I attach a very rudimentary (you've been warned)
> validator for DocBook XML 4.1.2 conformance. It DOESN't handle
> multi-byte (unless you convert to UTF-8 first).

What's the difference between it and xmllint?


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