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* Fatih Demir ( [010320 13:47]:
> On Tue, Mar 20, 2001 at 01:17:49PM +0100, Christian Rose wrote:
> > val wrote:
> > > brief history:
> > > 1. i translated RC-0.9 to russian, patched and sent all stuff to one of the maintainer.
> > > 2. rc-0.9.1 was released without any i18n changes i did.
> > > 3. rc-0.9.2 was released without any i18n changes.
> > > 4. i updated my translation, patch glade file against 0.9.2 and sent all to
> > > I wrote them, that my "patch" may be repeated by check "Save libglade strings" in Glade
> > > and that they can found translation for RC to some languages at gnome cvs in module gnome-i18n/extra-po/red-carpet.
> > > 
> > > Atm i receive no response.
> > > I'm worried, coz many translators spent their time with translation of this program.
> > > I understand, that "non-english" (and the russian at first of all)
> > > is not in the zone of marketing interests for Ximian.
> Generally normal for (pure) US-Companies (for now).

Let's hope that's not true!

> > > May be i'll drop ru-translation support for any ximian-closed source.
> Hmm.

I don't know if you can archive something, if you do so.

> > > So, please sorry me for time you spent on RC-translation.
> It was not me, but ?mer. He won't be very worried about it I guess, ther red-carpet
>  file is very small.


> > Yes. In my experience, most people at Ximian in general are often
> > uninterested in fixing i18n problems (there are some but they are few),
> > and the Red Carpet maintainers are the most noteworthy. They don't even
> > answer any e-mails that have something to do with translations (noone I
> > know of who have ever contacted RC people, either directly or through
> > their mailing list, with an i18n question/patch/translation has ever
> > recieved a response), and they seem to simply silently reject all
> > patches that have something to do with i18n, since they never end up in
> > the sources.
> > It would'nt surprise me if even Red Carpet 1.0 is released without any
> > i18n support whatsoever.
> Hm, let's see..

I wouldn't care about it, 'coz last time I tried RedCarpet it almost
screw up my debian system. There's still much work to do. For the
meantime I will go on using apt-get which works well enough!

> > So my advise would be to any translator that has ever thought about
> > translating Red Carpet - forget about it. Your time is better spent with
> > translating any other application (that hopefully has maintainers more
> > clueful with the importance of non-English language support).
> For example gtranslator .-) No, it's quite frustratung that such situations
>  are going on in such a company like Ximain who wants to "deliver intelligence"
>   -- is intelligence only English?

If they really think it is, we should really stop supporting any
ximian products (means stopping translating evolution, xst and other
programs still to come). But let's see; time will tell...

  Christian Meyer

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