Re: I18N spam part II -- "reviewed" po files

El d_ 21 Jul 2001 15:13:50 +0200, Fatih Demir escribi_
> I know I'd asked this before, but no answer is in my memory...
> the po files should be reviewed from another person for QA, right? That
> was a consense on i18n issues on GUADEC II I think (I wasn't there, so I
> judge from the papers etc.).
> I want to integrater this somehow into gtranslator now, but I would like
> to know how the review message part should look alike?
> /Me personally would await soemthing like this in the header comment:

I'm starting this QA at Spanish translations and I use a header like

It's perfect for me.

> If this is a common consense, I'll integrate the support of this header
> entry into gtranslator GUI. Is this fien with you all somehow?!
> If anyone is interested I'll tell my GUI ideas for this..
> PS: Shouldn't be developed further? Is it a dead
> end or just a lack of time that causes it's useless-ness.
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