Re: A simple script to manage GnomeGlossary.gnumeric

Thats great thanks, I was hacking on a little script to do this but you
beat me to it :). I'll add this into the gnome-i18n/glossary if you

Now to work on that README...

	mick wrote:
> Hi,
>         At
>         you will find a utility that parses the GnomeGlossary.gnumeric
> file and generates either
>         o a "glossary.pot", ready for translation, with the Term
>                 Description as comments.
>         o a "XX.po" from the already translated terms of
>                 GnomeGlossary.gnumeric so that one can continue
>                 translating.
>         What is missing is the capability to inject back to the xml
> file the translated strings. It remains to be done and should not
> be too difficult.
>         In order to process the XML file (.gnumeric), I use XML::Twig
> which has to be installed. To install it without too much fuss,
> you may do "perl -MCPAN -eshell" and once you are in the shell, type
> "install XML::Twig" and there you go.
>         Example usage:
> xml-i18n-update --pot g.gnumeric        creates glossary.pot
> xml-i18n-update g.gnumeric el           creates el.po
> Thanks,
> Simos Xenitellis
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