Re: gnome control center trouble with sawfish-0.37.2

"John Harper" <> writes:

> I don't know how this happened, I just apply the patches people send
> me. Perhaps the cvs history could help us get the original text back?

I see you just did revert some previous changes (thanks!); of course, it
wasn't my intention to blame anybody -- neither you nor a translator.
These .desktop files are an ugly mix of ASCII, ISO-8859-xx, UTF-8, and
something (broken by design ;-) as we all know).

I thought with the advent of xml-i18n-tools translators should stop edit
.destops files directly?  Do I still life in vain when I hope the
extract script should fetch the strings from the .desktop files and put
them into the .po files (like strings from other source files)?

Anyway, it ain't no use to touch .desktop files and to put in 8bit
characters (IMO); partly, German strings ('de') are in iso-8859-1,
partly in UTF-8(?) -- is it considered to work this way?

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