Update on Glossary part 2

Hi again,
	Gregory has the new glossary up on gnome-i18n/glossary (thanks!). I
will be making small changes to it over the next week or two but it
should be stable enough for people to start working on. It has been
reduced to a healthy 900 terms so it shouldn't be too big to handle.
Following on from Aoife's mail we have the following people who have
kindly volunteered to add in the translated terms:

Language                Name                    E-mail
English                 Rebecca J. Walter       rjp@mail.tele.dk
Danish                  Keld                    keld@dkuug.dk 
Danish                  Kenneth Christiansen    kenneth@gnu.org
Brazilian Portuguese    E. A. Tac„o             tacao@conectiva.com.br
Hungarian               Andras Timar            timar@gnome.hu
Swedish                 Christian Rose          menthos@menthos.com
German                  Matthias Warkus         mawarkus@t-online.de
Norwegian               Kjartan Maraas          kmaraas@online.no
Japanese                komatsu                 komatsu@gnome.gr.jp
Korean                  Woo-Kyong Noh           rainlood@kldp.org
Simp Chinese
Trad Chinese
Norwegian               Kjartan Maraas          kmaraas@gnome.org
Catalan                 Softcatalŗ - Jordi Mas  jmas@softcatala.org
Greek                   Simos Xenitellis        simos@hellug.gr

The terms in the glossary aren't fixed, if you feel the definition is
wrong, the term isn't gnome related or there are missing terms feel free
to edit the glossary.

One thing to note is that it is important to get the translation from an
application gui for context rather than just write down the first
meaning that springs to mind, that way the glossary will be reference
for Gnome software translation and not a random set of terms (I hope).

The glossary is a simple Gnumeric spreadsheet which I've kept
uncompressed so slightly more meaningful cvs diffs can be done. It is in
gnome-i18n/glossary. I will put a README there too at some point giving
some guidelines.

You can mail me updates to the glossary and I can commit them if you
want since I now have cvs write access.

We (in Sun that is) would like to start using the glossary to do quality
and consistency checks on Gnome at the end of March so having the
translations done by then would mean that they would be used to check

If you have any questions or suggestions please ask.

many thanks,
Michael Twomey
These opinions are my own and do not represent Sun unless otherwise
Sun Microsystems, Dublin, 8199164, x19164
"Fly my little Makefiles! Fly!"

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