Re: gnome control center trouble with sawfish-0.37.2

On 20 Feb 2001, Karl Eichwalder wrote:

> "John Harper" <> writes:
> > I don't know how this happened, I just apply the patches people send
> > me. Perhaps the cvs history could help us get the original text back?
> I see you just did revert some previous changes (thanks!); of course, it
> wasn't my intention to blame anybody -- neither you nor a translator.
> These .desktop files are an ugly mix of ASCII, ISO-8859-xx, UTF-8, and
> something (broken by design ;-) as we all know).
> I thought with the advent of xml-i18n-tools translators should stop edit
> .destops files directly?  Do I still life in vain when I hope the
> extract script should fetch the strings from the .desktop files and put
> them into the .po files (like strings from other source files)?
> Anyway, it ain't no use to touch .desktop files and to put in 8bit
> characters (IMO); partly, German strings ('de') are in iso-8859-1,
> partly in UTF-8(?) -- is it considered to work this way?

To avoid the pain of the .desktop transition to the XX.po, I would

a. Once the convertion is complete, the .desktop files should be removed
or backed-up somewehere else.
I assume that with a small script, the translations can be added to the
individual .po files and marked as fuzzy for further checking.
b. The "po/" script should be removed.

(In nautilus/po there is a stray

Also, in the case that the application can safely use the xml-i18n-tools,
the scripts should be removed.


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