Re: Subversion migration schedule (new cut-off Fri 16 June)

El vie, 02-06-2006 a las 00:14 +1000, Jeff Waugh escribió:
> <quote who="Germán Poó Caamaño">
> > > Can I suggest that we do the migration after GUADEC? I think it would be
> > > more useful for us to have reliable and known access to CVS through the
> > > week than be dealing with post-migration woes (as clean as it will be,
> > > there will be some hassles for everyone).
> > 
> > But also, GUADEC offers a good chance to get solved all those issues
> > quickly.
> Pretty sure we'd all rather be doing useful things than cleaning up, though!
> > May be a sort of 'Quick tour from CVS to SVN: tips and tricks' may be
> > given at GUADEC.
> We should do that anyway. :-)

I should also point that this migration will break, it only knows about cvs atm.

Danilo is working on a cool new system that would be able to handle SVN,
but I don't know if it would be ready at that time. Anyway, porting
current sytem to use svn shouldn't be too difficult, but I would like to
know if there is any public SVN server where we could test it.


> - Jeff

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