Re: Productivity suite (was Re: TARBALLS DUE: GNOME 2.11.3

mån 2005-06-13 klockan 10:59 +1000 skrev msevior physics unimelb edu au:
> Hi Everyone,
>             Well there are several issues I guess.
> Firstly the AbiWord project gains a LOT by having it's very own dedicated
> server with CVS, webpage etc built into it. There is some admin overhead
> associated with this but one of our team (uwog) genuinely enjoys the fun
> (?) of doing the maintenence. (He loves looking at the various stats,
> particularly the increase in interest we get from time to time :-)
> We have our own paypal account which, while smallish, has been very useful
> in getting developers to conferences (particularly GUADEC!) and for server
> maintenence costs.

However, by hosting at, you avoid that cost altogether.
Perhaps one more developer could then be sent to GUADEC?

> I can see why the GNOME project would want all it's modules in it's own
> CVS. From the AbiWord perspective we would not like to give the ability to
> add developers to the AbiWord commit list as we see fit. We would also
> feel bad about removing developers from our commit list should we be asked
> to remove people upon being hosted at gnome.
> In addition we host several other libraries in CVS on our system that may
> not be appropriate for gnome.

As Murray said, we've been fairly liberal in the past when it comes to
what we host, so I doubt that would be a problem. What libraries in
particular would that be?

> We would gain most from being associated with the fantastic
> gnome-translation team.
> We are currently thinking through the various ways we could make each
> other's lives easier. For a start, uwog has made a script which makes all
> the abiword *.po files available from the server once a day.

That's a start, but unfortunately not a solution -- we've tried pot/po
file synchronization with off-site projects many times in the past, and
all of the attempts failed eventually. Synchronization is boring, time
consuming, and prone to errors and conflicts.

> We will certainly consider any way proposed by GNOME to ease the integration.

One giant step forward would be to share the same home; GNOME CVS. When
that happens, I'm confident that you will see all kinds of integration
issues speed up, not just translations.


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