Re: Bugzilla status

On 24/03/2004 2:39 PM, Jonathan Blandford wrote:

In the process of restoring bugzilla on widget, we migrated to the new
version of bugzilla.  Andrew has been working very hard on this, and had
been planning on moving over to it anyway.  It is currently up at:
We are guardedly optimistic that things are working and that we can
proceed with the migration.  Please test it out a bit.  We will keep the
changes to the database unless major problems are found.  It would
probably be best to wait a couple days before doing that major triage
you've been wanting to do, though.
Wow. This looks really great. The new layout for the bug pages looks a lot cleaner than the old one. Having the bug summary in the window title is also a big improvement.

Anyone who has trouble managing their bug mail might want to look at the new email options, where they can turn off certain types of bugmail (eg. notification of changes to the CC field of a bug).

There are some known issues:


* New bugs are filed as UNCONFIRMED instead of NEW
Would you consider leaving this one unfixed? With the old bugzilla installation, the only real difference between the NEW and UNCONFIRMED states was that UNCONFIRMED bugs had come from bug-buddy. Having bugs filed via the web start out UNCONFIRMED would be quite helpful for triage.


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