Bugzilla status

In the process of restoring bugzilla on widget, we migrated to the new
version of bugzilla.  Andrew has been working very hard on this, and had
been planning on moving over to it anyway.  It is currently up at:


We are guardedly optimistic that things are working and that we can
proceed with the migration.  Please test it out a bit.  We will keep the
changes to the database unless major problems are found.  It would
probably be best to wait a couple days before doing that major triage
you've been wanting to do, though.

There are some known issues:

 * There are some links that go directly to bugzilla.gnome.org instead
   bugzilla-test.gnome.org.  If you get a 403, check your URI for the

 * New bugs are filed as UNCONFIRMED instead of NEW

 * The mail interface currently isn't up.  Bugs through the mail
   interface (primarily by bug-buddy) are being stored, but not filed.
   We hope to fix this soon.

Please file any other problems in bugzilla at
http://bugzilla-test.gnome.org/ itself.

GNOME Sysadmin Team

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