political topic [sorry]


It has been a long time since I did not browse through the www.gnome.org
website and, today, while looking for some 2.6 update, I came up with
the front page which contains the following blurb:

Our Friends in Espaņa
GNOME is an international project that has many active members and
contributors in Spain. All of us, from every corner of the globe, send
our thoughts to our friends in Spain and to everyone who is suffering
the aftershock of this terrible tragedy.

While I do understand the reason why this has been put on the front
page, it feels to me the Gnome project should avoid such direct
references to events which do not fall within the scope of issues
related to free software.

The main reason is that the exact filter used to select which tragic
events deserve to be put on the front page could (should ?) be the
subject of a lenghty debate (I will not start one here) so it might be
nice to avoid the issue altogether.

If this issue has been debated and discussed on another forum, I
apologize for bringing it up again.

Mathieu Lacage <mathieu lacage sophia inria fr>

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