Re: Session Management Proposal

Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:

 Why should such a user not be able to shutdown the computer? Imagine
 a setup of computer labs. Those machines should always be running. In
 our setup for example a machine that has been shut down would stop
 responding to mon inquiries and so look like a machine requiring
 administrator attention causing a system administrator to be
 dispatched. Since the physical button are not accessible to users,
 that machine would in fact be out of usage until the administrator
 reboots it.

That's another reasonable case where users shouldn't be able to halt
machines.  This case shouldn't be an issue on the session manager side
of things, either, however, because the session manager is going to
leave rebooting/halting the machine up to the desktop manager (and if there
is no desktop manager then maybe use consolehelper).


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