Re: Session Management Proposal

Hi Andreas,

I hope that any changes that will let users shutdown and/or reboot a
computer from within their session comes with the provision for the
system administrator to disable this so that there are no reboot and/or
restart and/or shutdown menu items visible to the user.

I can not perceive of any reason why a _user_ should be able to reboot
or shutdown a computer. There are many occasions were this is definitely
not desired.
I can see what you are saying. It would not be a good thing is some random user, logging in remotely, could shutdown a large multiuser system. I think if a desktop manager is loaded, the desktop manager should be in charge of deciding whether the shut down request coming from the session manager is valid or not. If there is no desktop manager, then
that leaves the session manager with two options..
1) Use console helper if available or (iow, get a password)
2) don't offer reboot/halt at all.

Either way it doesn't look there will be a problem.

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