Re: Sodipodi SVG flags 1.4

It is nice to see these kind of initiatives. They are really usefull for
language specific software. As I am not a decent designer at all, all I
can say is that have a lot of flags in non-vectorial
format, but which have good quality and can be used to make SVG flags

It was interesting, also, to have a table mapping language codes (such
as en_uk or en_us or pt_br or pt_pt) to the flag more appropriate. I
have a small pack of flags (gif, mainly) wich I can use to help
constructing this table, if there are more people interested.

Best regards,
Alberto Simões

On Sat, 2003-12-06 at 15:57, Christian Schaller wrote:
> Sodipodi SVG flags 1.4
> This is the third release of the Sodipodi flag collection. This
> collection currently consist of 275 different international and
> local flags. The flags are donated by their authors into the public
> domain.  The flags are in the scalable and free SVG format which today
> is supported by most major vector graphics programs. Most flags are done
> using the Sodipodi vector drawing application. In others words these are
> free flags in a free format made with a free application.
> The core collection of flags in this collection are meant to be as
> accurate as possible.  If you discover flags in here that have wrong
> proportions or wrong colors then please update the flag with the correct
> colors or sizes and send it to us with an explanation.
> New flags are of course also welcomed, but remember we need a clear
> statement from you that you dedicate the flag to the public domain, 
> preferably using the Creative Commons public domain dedication process
> found here:
> We do hope that many of you take some time to help us make this an even
> more complete collection.
> We hope that this collection can be useful to people in many different
> settings be that in relation to software, publishing, education and so
> on. 
> This release also contains a perl script by Timur I. Bakeyev which will
> rename the flags into files using the ISO country codes. You find the
> script included in the flags tarball or zipfile. You can also find more
> information about it on Timur's project page:
> The assembly of this huge collection has been made possible thanks to
> the hard work of many people. We big thank you goes to all our
> contributors listed in the CREDITS file distributed with this package.
> We would like to especially thank Tobias Jakobs and Caleb Moore for the
> multiple contributions to this latest release. Caleb Moore also fixed
> librsvg to enable it or properly render all the flags and his fixes will
> be in the next release of librsvg (which means Nautilus will render the
> flags correctly).
> You can see all of the currently contributed flags here:
> The creation of these flags had not been possible without the hard work
> that free software coders have put into great tools like Sodipodi and
> librsvg. The projects have helped increase the viability of SVG in free
> and open source software a lot.
> Both these two tools and the new Inkscape project do need more coders in
> order to improve further. People interested in working on these and
> other issues are highly encouraged to join the project mailing-lists.
> You find the projects here:
> You can download the package in either tar.gz or zip format from the
> sourceforge file area:
> Sincerely,
> Christian Schaller
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