Historical CVS Archive

Hi all,

I'm going to start shifting historical modules into either /cvs/historical
or /cvs/archive, and I would like some input as to which modules should be

A lot of it will be obvious, but I will post a list before I do the initial
migration. If anyone would like to list historical modules they know about
in this thread, it will make the task that much easier. :-)

Why bother? Well, it reduces the burden on CVS mirrors, makes life less
confusing for people looking through, keeps really old embarrassing stuff
out of the limelight, etc. etc. ;-) Modules that have cultural or comedic
value will not be shifted. :-)

This exercise may provide some opportunity to regularise some of the oddly
named modules too [1], so I would appreciate suggestions for those (from
maintainers, mostly).


- Jeff

[1] gnome-control-center in CVS, released as control-center, while there is
a historical control-center module in CVS. Confusing at best.

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