Re: control center plans, etc.

> Consider people who don't like running file managers  (If you are one of
> these
> people perhaps you can confirm or deny this):
>     If they don't want to use a GUI filemanager what makes you think they
>     want a cute GUI to launch config tools?  They use command line or maybe

I don't run a file manager. It's not because I dislike file managers,
I'm just used to the command-line tools and find them convenient enough
for my purposes. But that argument doesn't apply to the control-center,
where there isn't some command-line interface that I'd gotten used to
back in the pre-GNOME days.

Also, the config tools themselves are going to be GUI, so wrapping them
in a GUI makes sense. Like, I know I can type "sawfish-capplet" at the
command line to start the control center and open the sawfish capplet if
I want to, but that's silly, because since I'm going to have to use the
mouse to play with the sawfish capplet, it makes more sense to me to
click on the "control center" icon on my panel rather than going to the
keyboard and back.

-- Dan

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