Re: Let's look into the future (aka "The ``Martin is back'' mail")

> I briefly mentioned this on #gnome - the need for a new GNOME
> druid interface...and well it got a majority vote 
> The current one is yucky [sorry Jonathan :)] and this should be somewhat 
> of a priority for the usability guys for 2.0. It should be pretty easy 
> to implement when someone comes up with a final design. Hacking it to 
> make it look prettier shouldn't have to happen, especially for 2.0. 
> Let's give it some GNOME loving [sigh, I never thought I'd use that 
> phrase] :)

No offense taken at all.  I'm the first to admit that the current one is
not all that pretty -- I just tried to whip something out in the hopes
that someone with more artistic talent than I could clean it up
later[1].  I think that there are three things need to happen with the
GnomeDruid setup, which would end a lot of problems with it:

1) At a minimum an (optional) help button needs to be added to
   GnomeDruid.  Other ideas might be adding a button box so that people
   can add their own buttons, or maybe add a mechanism to let people add
   their own buttons.  I'm not 100% sure that more buttons are good in
   most cases, though.

2) Change GnomeDruidPage from a virtual base class to a container.  This
   way people can just create one and put whatever they want in it.

3) The GtkWidget::focus method needs fixing.


[1] A common occurrence in GNOME, unfortunately. (-:

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