Re: Time to chill, time for process

Elliot Lee <sopwith redhat com> writes: 
> Having spent half the night discussing requirements and features with
> clahey, and being educated in the ways of bonobo-config, I'm optimistic
> that a common solution is possible.

As far as I know we've agreed that GConf is a required part of GNOME,
that the config: moniker goes to GConf, that stuff included in GNOME
uses config:, and that both bonobo-config and libgconf-client are
valid ways to access the config database. Also, that libgnome can use
either bonobo-config or GConf C API as it likes, as long as it uses
bonobo-config with the config: moniker.

Furthermore if we decide it makes sense in the future we could flip
which of bonobo-config/libgconf-client is the wrapper and which is the
implementation, but that does not make sense for GNOME 2.

Right? If we don't agree on this then someone say so.


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