Re: Which GNOME 2.0 alternative is now the target?

Christian Schaller <Uraeus linuxrising org> writes:
> Since the temprature of the debate is back to a level where I feel
> comfortable participating, I thought I should venture a question.
> In his mail Martin pointed to a private mail he got from Owen about
> wether his work would be included in GNOME 2.0 or not. As far as I can
> see it was not adressed in any of the later mails so I just wanted to
> ask what the plan currently is. Will we keep with HEAD or is going with
> STABLE the current plan?

The mail wasn't really suggesting going with stable. What it said was
that the scope of the unstable work needed to be winding down and
focused on porting to GTK 2 and not much else, and that if people
thought the larger-scope projects needed doing, we could postpone
those to GNOME 3 and use some quick hack to the stable branch for
now. But the implementation details (which branch to use) are an issue
for Martin and Sander and module maintainers to sort out.


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