Time to chill, time for process

OK, so I come in to read my e-mail tonight and start to think I'm
subscribed to the mailing list for the game "Mortal Kombat". I've done a
lot of arguing in my time, which is why I'm very worried about this
competition with my previously unparalleled levels of boorishness. If you
haven't tried staying away from the computer for a week, please do so, and
maybe the burden of perspective will reestablish itself upon your

Here's a suggestion for a process to come up with a solution:

1. Agree on requirements
2. Agree on design
3. Agree on implementation
4. Agree that the implementation works.

If this doesn't sound familiar, maybe it's because your head has gotten
too busy inventing arguments for "your" side.

I'm familiar with some requirements that GConf meets, and I know that it
does so in a more-than-adequate fashion, but I'm not familiar with the
requirements that bonobo-config meets versus GConf, and I think if people
argued about requirements first (i.e. finish step 1), it would be much
easier to accomplish step 2, then step 3, then step 4.

Please keep in mind that it doesn't matter if you think you already solved
this problem six months ago, this is now and the situation is not going to
solve itself by wishful thinking.

Having spent half the night discussing requirements and features with
clahey, and being educated in the ways of bonobo-config, I'm optimistic
that a common solution is possible.
-- Elliot

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