Re: About GNOME 2.0 - The end of a dream

Seth Nickell wrote:

> This has bothered me both by the lack of due-process and even more so
> because it "concerns" one of the dreams I have for GNOME...that of a
> networked GNOME where the user doesn't have to care where they are they
> just have their settings. I saw GConf as a very important piece of that.
> This dream is at least as important (I'll be honest, more important) to
> me than a fully componentized GNOME, and I suspect that may be true of
> some others who have objected.
> Can I propose the following compromise:
> 1) "gconf:" is re-written to be a wrapper for GConf

The wrapper was written 2 months ago.

> 2) "config:" aliases to "gconf:" and is STRESSED as the default that all
> programmers should use unless they have a damn good reason not to.

Yes (although already discussed on this list)

> 3) libgnome be written using bonobo-config (since this is already done),
> but we use "gconf:" as quickly as possible to test it and get all bugs
> worked out of the system (hopefully the number of bugs will be reduced
> by using the fairly well tested gconf, though obviously the wrapper is
> going to need to provide *some* extra functionality here).

no, we use "config:".

- Dietmar

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