Re: About GNOME 2.0 - The end of a dream

Sri Ramkrishna wrote:

> > Suddenly, I'm now the bad guy and I get flamed from almost everybody,
> > so it's time for me to face the truth and see that my work on GNOME 2
> > is no longer appreciated.
> You can read it now or in 5 weeks, I don't care.  I
> don't see what Maciej said was wrong.  The main point  was that people
> have perceived that there was no discussion in this.

Again, what is the bad decision we made? Using the PropertyBag interface? This is
only a small change. It would be a task of one hour to change back to gconf if
there is a reason why we cant use it.

> You and everyone who
> worked on bonobo-config are being flamed because something was decided
> without proper discussion.  The threads and what not that people were
> pointed to was a discussion of bonobo-conf or so it says in the header.

Everyone is able to read the bonobo-conf sources. The project was even announced
several times and I think I have directly talked with all people working on
configuration programs. I have got not much feedback, but it is not my fault if
you don't read your mails.

- Dietmar

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