Re: About GNOME 2.0 - The end of a dream

On 16Jun2001 08:26PM (+0200), Martin Baulig wrote:
> Originally, I didn't want to send this mail, but after reading
> you don't give me any other chance.

Hi Martin,

I'm sorry you were offended by my message. I think my message was
relatively level-headed (I didn't use any swear words, or accuse
anyone of malice, incompetence or ignorance, unlike most messages on
the thread), and only one of over a hundred emails about this thread,
so I'm not sure what it is about it that set you off so much.

Please understand that it was not meant to be an insult against
anything you have done, but a plea to resolve this problem and move

> Fuck you and goodbye isn't what a good release coordinator or
> any person with "leading qualities" would ever do, but I simply
> spent two much time and efforts into GNOME 2.
> Suddenly, I'm now the bad guy and I get flamed from almost everybody,
> so it's time for me to face the truth and see that my work on GNOME 2
> is no longer appreciated.

Martin, I understand where you are coming from. But being release
coordinator puts you in a position where what you do affects a lot of
people, which means that no matter what happens, a lot of people are
going to flame you. Communication helps, but even that will not get
rid of all the flames; GNOME 1.4 certainly had it's share of massive
bitter flamage, and it was _not_ fun. There were definitely times I
considered quitting.

But in the end it came out more or less OK, and now lots of people are
using GNOME 1.4 and mostly pretty happy with it. That's really what
it's about in the end - giving good software to the users. 

I ask you to reconsider, and realize that in exchange for being a
flame magnet for a while, you'll get to be an important part of doing
something really great. Maybe a couple of people will even thank you.

I don't think anyone really thinks you are a bad guy. I definitely



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