Re: About GNOME 2.0 - The end of a dream

> Suddenly, I'm now the bad guy and I get flamed from almost everybody,
> so it's time for me to face the truth and see that my work on GNOME 2
> is no longer appreciated.

You can read it now or in 5 weeks, I don't care.  I
don't see what Maciej said was wrong.  The main point  was that people
have perceived that there was no discussion in this.  You and everyone who
worked on bonobo-config are being flamed because something was decided
without proper discussion.  The threads and what not that people were
pointed to was a discussion of bonobo-conf or so it says in the header.

It has nothing to do with your vision of a component based GNOME or what
not.  Nothing at all.  This flame war is about lack of process.  Pure and

> If anyone of you guys ever dreamed of a fully componized GNOME, then you can
> now thank Owen and Maciej for successfully destroying this dream.

Look, everyone subscribed to that dream.   It's not even worth
discussing this now.  Everybody take a break and come back.  You're not
understanding the problem.  It's ill conceived to quit your position based
on the preceived notion that we don't appreciate your efforts.  Thats not
what caused this flamewar.


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