Re: I guess I missed the whole point

> > The first point's goal is simply to stress that martin should not have
> > done what he did: this is not acceptable. There is no single person
> > deciding on the future of gnome-libs. 
> I agree. I think Havoc should revert Martin's changes that replace the
> usage of GConf in gnome-libs with bonobo-config. It would be better
> still if Martin reverted it, but it sounds like he doesn't want to.

The code just works, there is nothing wrong with that code.

The only "issues" with GNOME 2 that I have seen that have any
substantial backing is the fact that we do not know which ORB will
ship (ORBit-1, ORBit-2, or ORBit-2-martin-fork or whatever the name


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