Re: TODO system. Please add tasks

On 09 Jun 2001 13:30:12 +0200, Martin Baulig wrote:
> Chema Celorio <chema ximian com> writes:
> > We need more tasks on the todo system, please help out filing task at:
> >  
> > we need to help new hackers get started. I tried adding some, but i
> > guess i am not insipired today. Please add detailed descriptions of the
> > tasks. We have gotten pretty good responses latelly, we now have a
> > almost working bonobo-browser, I added a task monday and i got a mail on
> > wednesday about someone working on it. 
> > 
> > We need more hands typing, so lets do our part. If you are to busy to
> > follow up on the task and taking patches, feel free to put me as a
> > contact for that task. After i review the patch and comment on it i can
> > forward it to you.

I added an item some time ago, and there's a guy working on it right now. So,
I tried to update it, but it asked me for a password. So, could somebody update
it? It's at

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> <rodrigo ximian com>

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