Re: [linux-audio-dev] CSL-0.1.2 Release

Paul Davis wrote:
> >> >Your model describes a partial reality, a too partial reality in my
> >> >opinion.
> >>
> >> Your model describes a world that has already been shown to be full of
> >> problems and complexity. Other *existing* models that are as simple as
> >> the one I propose have been shown to work for much more powerful audio
> >> applications than we have on Linux at the present time.
> >
> >I think it's not the right approach to try to lobotomize an existing
> >world to not cope with its complexities.
> when the existing world is itself a man-made creation, and a rather
> short-lived one at that, i think a lobotomy is perfectly justified.

I was referring to audio hardware and application needs with "existing

> >You're simply saying that some (most?) objects have no properties. This
> >is supported by my model. But other do have some. This is the truth.
> No, I'm saying that almost all applications do not need to know about
> or modify object properties, and therefore, they should be able to use
> an API that doesn't include them.

I'm confident that time will change your mind.

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It sounds good!

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