Re: Bugs in Bugzilla

> Joe Shaw <joe helixcode com> writes:
> > > The default permissions for new accounts lets anyone change any part
> > > of a bug; instead I think only maintainers of a package should be able
> > > to change bug status by default.
> > 
> > Hrm. I tend to feel that anyone with an account should be able to change
> > any bug but that only developers should have accounts. Meaning, you don't
> > need an account to submit a bug, but you need one to change it. Of course,
> > I suppose this doesn't really work if you were the submitter and want to
> > add information. We could probably have a seperate page for adding
> > information (addition comments, URL, screenshots, whatever) to the bug by
> > anyone.
> Bugzilla makes it easy to give different permission levels for
> changing various things. Personally I think anyone should be able to
> at least:

We've never had a problem with b.g.o being open...

"I've got nothing to say but that's ok." -- John Lennon

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