Re: Minutes of Gnome 2 release team meeting (late): 2002-05-17

Le jeu 30/05/2002 à 13:35, Mikael Hallendal a écrit :
> tis 2002-05-28 klockan 20.36 skrev Jody Goldberg:
> > Daniel, I'm sorry but I disagree with your assumption that all
> > distros will be compliant and ready for the gnome2 roll out.  If we
> > want help to work on a reasonable time scale we are going to need a
> > way to:
> >     1) ensure that the docs system is correctly configured for
> >     gnome
> > 
> >     2) Supply or provide pointers to the missing/broken bits.
> I think that most distros will not be GNOME 2 ready when we ship. That
> is why I propose shipping the needed xsl files _with_ yelp for now.
> Here is why I think this is a good idea:
> * No distributions is currently shipping the version we need (1.48)
>   (if some are, please let me know). This means that the user will have 
>   install them on the side of the version they already have. So by
>   shipping them with Yelp we won't add duplications on the system. 

Mandrake 8.2 is shipping with docbook stylesheets xsl 1.48 and working
xml catalog :)) Thanks to Dan Mueth who bugged me in time during 8.2
beta test..

Frédéric Crozat
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