Re: Minutes of Gnome 2 release team meeting (late): 2002-05-17

tis 2002-05-28 klockan 20.36 skrev Jody Goldberg:

> Daniel, I'm sorry but I disagree with your assumption that all
> distros will be compliant and ready for the gnome2 roll out.  If we
> want help to work on a reasonable time scale we are going to need a
> way to:
>     1) ensure that the docs system is correctly configured for
>     gnome
>     2) Supply or provide pointers to the missing/broken bits.

I think that most distros will not be GNOME 2 ready when we ship. That
is why I propose shipping the needed xsl files _with_ yelp for now.

Here is why I think this is a good idea:

* No distributions is currently shipping the version we need (1.48)
  (if some are, please let me know). This means that the user will have 
  install them on the side of the version they already have. So by
  shipping them with Yelp we won't add duplications on the system. 
* KDE ships them with KDE which is going to make users think that KDE is
  easier to install/use which makes us look bad even if we did The Right

* The long term way of doing it is obviously to ship it without the
  stylesheets and make the assumption that the distributions does it
  correctly and we only need to check that it's true (and let the
  distributions handle the bug requests on there systems).

* Shipping the stylesheets with Yelp now doesn't mean we have to do it
  all the time. Say that in a couple of months all distros are up to
  date and have GNOME 2.0 in them. At that point it's easy to remove our
  stylesheets in Yelp, tell the distributions that you now have to setup
  your catalogs with whatever version number we need at that point. And
  it all will work.

* If we are lucky the Norms stylesheets are in a state where we don't
  need to depend on a specific version but we can use current instead of
  1.48 which also will make things smoother.

So, we can either to The Right Thing now and let the users take the fall
or we can do it the "ugly" way for now and then do it The Right Way when
distributions are ready and maybe the stylesheets are more ready too.

So, what do you think?

  Mikael Hallendal

Mikael Hallendal                micke codefactory se
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