Re: debian/ in GNOME CVS

Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm commsecure com au> writes: 
> My worry here is that something which is really "libraries for
> developers only and is for API stability to help porting begin" may be
> misinterpreted as a GNOME 2.0 pre-release or something equally
> confusing if people get it by default the next time they do a
> "run-magic-program-that-installs-stuff-from-the-net-on-my-Debian-box".
> Are we ready to handle that kind of PR?

If the packaging is done correctly, it should all install in parallel
- then the advantage is that people can hack on gnome-core or whatever
without having to build libs from CVS or break the desktop they're

(Well, they can do that for about 3 days until someone changes the
library API and gnome-core no longer builds against the release,
anyhow ;-)

I have Red Hat packages ready for everything except gnome-print, which
I'm trying to figure out right now.


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