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Hi all,

Christian Marillat - GNOME's Debian packaging dude - is kindly helping us
with the platform alpha by packaging it all up for release into sid. This
means that we'll have a lot of Debian users with immediate access to
binaries for testing, bug reporting, general complaining, etc. This is
assuredly a Good Thing. :)

To assist him, and continue the GNOME Packaging Project's goal of having
binaries ready and available for much of the development timeline, I'd
suggest a CVS account so that he can start adding debian/ directories to the
modules that he packages, much like the spec files already available for Red
Hat users.

Obviously this would have to be agreed to by the module maintainers. I hope
this post can garner some agreement soon, so we can get this rolling before
the platform alpha release date.


- Jeff

What follows is a list of the packages he maintains in sid, for reference.
I've omitted the -dev packages for clarity.

Package: gnome-dev-doc
Package: libgnomeprint-data
Package: libgnomeui32
Package: gtktalog
Package: libpanel-applet0
Package: gtkhtml
Package: quicklaunch-applet
Package: rep
Package: gnome-applets
Package: libgnomeprint-bin
Package: rep-gtk
Package: visual-tcl
Package: libcapplet0
Package: gnome-panel
Package: libgnomesupport0
Package: gnome-help
Package: sawfish-gnome
Package: gnome-control-center
Package: docbook-utils
Package: libgtkhtml-data
Package: gnome-faq
Package: cygnus-stylesheets
Package: gfloppy
Package: librep9
Package: gnome-core
Package: memprof
Package: libscrollkeeper0
Package: libart2
Package: gtm
Package: libgnomeprint15
Package: libgnome32
Package: scrollkeeper
Package: zapping
Package: libgtkxmhtml1
Package: extace
Package: libzvt2
Package: libgtkhtml13
Package: libgtkhtml14
Package: libgtkhtml15
Package: libgnorba27
Package: gnome-panel-data
Package: libghttp1
Package: gnome-session
Package: gnome-libs-data
Package: gnome-help-data
Package: gnome-bin
Package: libgtkhtml6
Package: libgtkhtml9
Package: libgnorbagtk0
Package: gnome-terminal
Package: rep-gtk-gnome

- Jeff

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