Re: Reprise of the panel layout proposal

> Van: Jonas De Vuyst <jonas devuyst advalvas be>
> Aan: James Ramsey <jjramsey_6x9eq42 yahoo com>
> CC: gnome-gui-list gnome org
> Onderwerp: Re: Reprise of the panel layout proposal
> Datum: donderdag 21 juni 2001 1:42
> I personally don't like the user levels, in option dialogs it would be
> better to have a "more" button (or perhaps a custom widget for this
> purpose?) that would hide/show the advanced options.

I read the Hall of User Interface Shame a while ago, and they said that the
"More" button/tab is flawed.
"More WHAT? More buttons? More dialogs? More candies?" they said.

> I think the user would click on it anyway. I have a feeling it's better
> to just hide it.

Not if we make the menu item disabled.

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