Re: Reprise of the panel layout proposal

> > I personally don't like the user levels, in option dialogs it would be
> > better to have a "more" button (or perhaps a custom widget for this
> > purpose?) that would hide/show the advanced options.
> I read the Hall of User Interface Shame a while ago, and they said that
> "More" button/tab is flawed.
> "More WHAT? More buttons? More dialogs? More candies?" they said.

Then answer the user's question.

Make a 'more' button that isn't labeled 'more'.  The point being not to have
user levels.

I never know when an application asks me for "beginner, intermediate,
menu options which I should select, even though I'm a programmer.  Sometimes
I would prefer to run with the beginner menus but have two advanced options
available.  Something akin to Microsoft's hiding of infrequently used menu
but perhaps using colouring instead (like the Mac Finder) would be
Colour or mark certain menu items as being more advanced or complex ... the
way the "..." tells you it will open a new window.
Michael T. Babcock

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