RE: Reprise of the panel layout proposal

> > > Oooh, *nice*. You can't very well put "Log out" under "New tasks", can
> > > you? That'd invite more questions than the Start menu ("Why do I have
> > > to press `Start' to stop using my computer?"). :)
> > 
> > Ahh, that one. It's like... uhh, like having to switch a light on and
> > off using the same switch, right? 
> But the light switch is called an "on-off switch", not an "on switch".
> I remember as a child being quite surprised that new Macintoshes
> didn't have on-off switches, only on-switches.

Yes, ok. I still don't see this as a big problem, it certainly doesn't
justify the creation of an extra menu. Of course, if there is a system
menu  anyway that  contains several  more  useful items,  I'm all  for
putting log out etc. into *that* menu.

> > I don't like corner panels, I think a panel that covers the whole
> > bottom would be a better choice, even if it does leave some unused
> > space. But this is, of course, mostly a personal preference, I have
> > not done any user testing except testing myself :)
> It might be a good idea to make it an edge panel - it's not entirely
> obvious that the panel will stretch to accomodate new items.

I *knew* there had to be some good argument for my preference :)

> Not quite like that - the "slide away" button is on the end of the
> panel, but this would be like an applet tucked inside the panel, like
> this:
>  _ _ __________           (desktop area)
>           ,-.| |
>           |^|| |
>  (panel)  | ||>|
>           `-'| |
>  - - --------'-'----------------------------- - -
>            ^
>        the button

Ok, now I like it even more :)


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