Re: scroll bar and drop down list usability

Warren Young <> writes:

> At the text insert point.  (What you call the cursor.)
I would say this is another of those topics that are very subjective,
personally I think it depends on the context.  As already mentioned about
Xterms inserting at the cursor position this generally makes sense, whereas
with something like emacs or other text editors you may be typing in one
location and decide you want to paste some text in another.  I think its
better to be able to paste it where you want without moving the text cursor
away from where you are typing, the same applies to DnD that will insert
text, its better inserting where its dropped than at the cursor.

I would say a rational for pasting/inserting at the drop/paste point is it
appears more intuative, in that you are performing an action with the mouse
and therefore the action should take place under the mouse pointer.


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