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Well, it's a good idea, and it is logical, but I think that this is one
area where it's just fine to leave things the way they are.  "About"
is--in my understanding--short for "About this application."  IOW, what it
is, what version it is, what the copyright is, what license it's under, 
and who wrote it. The author/email stuff is part of the "who wrote it" so
this is probably just better left alone.  Plus, it keeps things in *one*
box instead of three, and I hate wasted space (and GNOME wastes too much
screen space already).  Also, this is the way it's been done for a LONG
time--since before Windows, so you can't blame it on them.

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On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Stephan Pfab wrote:

>If the word "about" would be used as the "About" menu:
>  About:
>  version 13.47
>  author: Jow Smith
>  mail:
>Silly isn't it.

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