Re: In support of Bowie

Martin Wahlen <> wrote:
> Ok, Tom, all of you other people, let me tell you guys about my experiance


don't want to quote everything because I wouldn't know which parts. :)

I see your fear. I understand you. I agree that this should not happen.

BUT... (you knew this would come, didn't you?)

first off, yours is a very good example of - how dan would put it - a bad
implementation, not necessarily a broken concept (compare "start" menu, dan.
:) ).

I think - and already mailed with bowie at length - that it's absolutely
necessary that we don't get into some kind of "competition" and that
throughout the process we do talk to each other and all that.

however, the split is already there. a couple of people feel insulted by
bowie, a few have even called him unfit to maintain the style guide and
someone has mentioned that over several weeks nothing happened.
It doesn't matter if these things are real, they are real perceptions of
people. you can consider these people roadkill or look at what they can
contribute THEIR WAY and take the best out of everything.

you're right that merging documents is a pain. but I don't see a chance to
avoid it without massive waste of other resources.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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