Re: Err..To Desktop Or Not To Desktop? (For Tom)

> Bowie Poag <> wrote:
> > 
> > I'm giving you the opportunity to do both create AND judge the document.
> > Perhaps im missing something there.. Why do you feel it would be a bad
> > idea to vote on your own collective creation, as members of the style
> > guide?
> I do feel it is a bad idea for the very same reason I have never in my life
> used my right to vote in an election. I don't want to say "yes" when what I
> really would want to say is "yes, but..."

Thats just it -- We're not talking about some stuffy election process
here. You WILL have the ability to say "Yes, but.." on any or ALL of the
stuff in the Style Guide. The Style Guide needs to be a perfectly aligned
balance between the needs of the users, the needs of the programmers, and
the needs of GNOME. Nobody is going to be forced to decide between the
lesser of two evils, when it comes to the style guide. :) Relax.

> > Yet. Once a fully formed style guide is available to be picked apart, you
> > can draw giant X`s thru entire sections, if you feel like it. The authors
> > will then take your concerns into consideration, go back to the drawing
> > board, and make the necesary changes you've described. You have a hand in
> > its creation, and you have a hand in its subsequent tweaking. Whats wrong
> > with that?
> a lot of effort will be wasted because sections will be worked out in great
> detail that would have been dropped at first sight had everyone had a chance
> to see them.

Well, I dont think that I or anyone else who will be collaborating on the
project would really mind this. There is always going to be SOME "trimming
of the fat" , in any design. Im prepared for that, as should anyone else
who is to work on the project. :)

See, this is kinda where experience comes in.  I could show you page,
after page, after page of omissions, with just giant "X" 's through them,
of portsions of the InSight Style Guide which were omitted at the last
minute to conform with the overall design. -- Stuff I spent whole days
thinking about, left on the cutting room floor. It didnt bother me,
really, because I knew it was for the best -- IWhat matters is the
document, not the person writing it. (hint hint) :)

> > Well, considering every document which has passed thru our own Congress in
> > the past 200 years has been created, scrutinized, and put into law in the
> > same exact fashion as what I've proposed we do with the style guide, I
> > very certain that my way is the best, right now.
> I don't want to argue politics, because we will sure as hell not agree on
> very much in that area. :)
> I see your point, however, and understand why you want to do the things you
> want them to do. please understand that even though I understand you, I
> don't agree with you and would still like to do things differently. so I
> just will and when the dust settles, we'll see if I was horribly mistaken or
> a little bit right.

Ok, great. :) See, this is why I want to work with you on this project. I
-love- when people understand what im saying, but still disagree with me
-- Because it lets me have a window into seeing something I may have
missed before -- It gives me an opportunity to identify problems I may
have overlooked, or would never have seen in the first place.

However, Tom, I believe I have enough experience behind me to know that
there is indeed a "right" way to go about constructing such a document.
Unfortunately, this "right way" is more concerned with producting an
iron-clad, indestructible, nearly infallible document; And such documents
must inevitably be bpenned by few, and scrutinized, revised, and finalized 
by many...Not the other way around..Penned by many, and scrutinized,
revised, and finalized by few.

Experience is what tells me this, not my own personal feelings. I realize
its kinda hard to just say "trust me on this one", but..that's pretty much
how it has to be, if we want a solid, solid, solid document in the end.

Believe it or not, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the work that
you and others have contributed to the list -- In order for me to do MY
job, I -need- people to disagree with me. It goes beyond just keeping me
on my toes -- It provides me with insights into stuff I wouldnt have
thought of otherwise.


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