Re: GNOME UISG (Was Err..To Desktop...)

A while ago, I wrote --

> > It was agreed upon, about a month ago, that the current Style Guide youre
> > referring to (v1.0) isn't going to cut it. I was asked by Federico
> > (Quartic) to head up the project to construct a second, more comprehensive
> > revision of the Style Guide (v2.0).
> > 
> > Thats why you're seeing my name alot on the mailing list.

And then Frederick replied..
> Sounds reasonable.  In fact right after I sent this in, I read Federico's
> recent post regarding that discussion, and its implementation, as well as
> his apology to Maciej.

Thank you for doing the reading. :) It is very, very important that people
keep in-step, and up to date with the flow of the mailing list. Once
everyone's minds are in sync, we can all attack the problems faced by the
Style Guide in parallel. 

> Good, now in the spirit of incremental updates, I have some comments to
> make.  I have located your outline of the "GNOME User Interface Style
> Guide" <>, and while there is only
> structure there, rather than content, I will comment on what I see.  Yes,
> I know that you make no claim to completeness, but discussion has to start
> somewhere, and I see a fairly good outline, which makes as good a place as
> any to start.

:) Good -- You saw the lines up at the top. :)

Hehehe.. A webpage youre not supposed to see yet -- Its being worked on,
in preparation for the upcoming Conference on Sunday. :) In its current
state, it is very, very, very, very incomplete. Check back on Saturday --
It should be fully set up by then.

> First, and yes I know it is a nitpick, I think it is an important one to
> get right early.  "GNOME" is an acronym, therefore it should be in all
> capital letters.  On the site it is written as "Gnome" everywhere but the
> title.


> Second, "Button Structure", I cannot see why this is a broad enough
> issue to warrant its own section, unless you mean "Toolbar Structure",
> which I do not see on the list.
> Next, "Construction Guidelines", if it contains what I thimk it will,
> would make an ideal first section, after the introduction of course.
> Next, "Menu Structure" and "Submenu Structure" should be similar enough
> topics to combine in one section.  This would also make it easier to look
> up things in the guide, not having to remember which similar section a
> point was made in.
> (other points addressed nuked...but trust me, I read them.)

These points will be addressed in upcoming days. The "skeleton" will be
unveiled at the Conference on Sunday -- That is, the basic framework of
UISG V2 will be unvelied at that location.
> Now, before the list starts debating what should go in specific
> sections, I think some discussion of the overall structure is warranted,
> as well as discussion of what types of things should be included in
> general.
> -Gleef

Thanks for the additional comments -- I'll be keeping your email for
future reference, because I liked what I read. Makes sense..

The whole purpose of the IRC Conference -is- to addres, and debate the
basic framework, that is, what will be shown at that URL in the future. It
will be ready by Sunday. :)


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