-- Style Guide Conference on IRC, Aug 2nd! --

|            UNDERNET IRC (US.UNDERNET.ORG)  #GNOME            |

Whats going on? : The first in a series of live IRC conferences
                  in order to speed the development of the Style
                  Guide -- A chance for you to meet up with, and
                  pick the brains of the people responsible for
                  maintaining the project. Topics important to
                  the Style Guide will be discussed, including
                  Pie Menus, Self-Documenting Interfaces, and
                  all that good stuff. :) 
                  To put an end to people's fears, the ground-
                  work for the upcoming Style Guide will be
                  laid publically. In addition to lively (read:
                  flame-free) debate, the upcoming style guide
                  conference will also be a place for YOU to
                  toss YOUR ideas & opinions into the ring.  

                  Ideas and concepts will be flying like mad!

When is it?     : August 2nd, 1998. (That's THIS SUNDAY, folks)
                  7:00 PM Eastern
                  6:00 PM Central
                  5:00 PM Mountain
                  4:00 PM Pacific

                  The conference should last for a little over
                  an hour, incase you need to make plans. 
                  Basically, however much time it takes to get
                  through the stuff on the agenda, and to give
                  everyone their equal share of time.

Where is it     : The conference will be held on Undernet, in
going to be?      the #gnome channel. Undernet IRC can be 
                  reached at us.undernet.org, but there are many
                  other local undernet servers near you.

What should I   : BYOB -- Brain, that is. You might also want to
bring?            bring any proposals you want to show during 
                  the conference -- For the sake of the Style
                  Guide, and those of us working on it!

Anything else?  : Yup. If you have any problems getting onto an
                  Undernet server on the night of the conference,
                  Have a visit to http://www.undernet.org, and
                  use the AutoLocator feature to find a server
                  close to you.

                  A copy of this announcement can be found at

                  See you there!

| Bowie J. Poag  bjp@primenet.com  http://www.nubox.dyn.ml.org |
| Sand and grit in a concrete base.                            |

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