Re: Err..To Desktop Or Not To Desktop?

Frederick I Gleef <> wrote:
> everyone is clammoring to look at a draft.  There is no mention of the
> fact that there is already a GNOME style guide (,
> being maintained, as far as I know, by Christopher Blizzard.

I this different from the file sg.html that I have here? it was a very short
overview of only a few critical points, right?

> > as I said: maybe you are right and going the right way. but maybe you 
> > are not. that's why I'll go and start a second style guide. one of them
> > will go to /dev/null in the end and at that point we'll know for sure
> > who was right about how this should be done. ok with you?
> Assuming Mr. Blizzard is no longer maintaining the Style Guide, that
> sounds good to me.  I would love to see what Mr. Vogt has to offer.  Tom,
> are you interested in maintaining the style guide?  Have you been in touch
> with the current maintainer (as per the web page)?

I haven't been in touch with anyone except on this list and through some
private e-mails.
I also would like to show something first before I even THINK about taking
any responsibilities. if my general idea of what things should look and work
like doesn't have a majority, it would be counter-productive to maintain
something that I don't agree on in most of its parts.

please allow me to give an outline of what I propose as a style guide first,
before taking any "official" steps.

> Personally, I think whoever is maintaining the Style Guide needs to be
> active on this list, as painful as that may be.  I don't think Mr.
> Blizzard has done this.

I have been told that this list was very low-traffic for some time. maybe he
just thought it died? it wouldn't hurt to contact him and ask, would it?

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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