Re: Err..To Desktop Or Not To Desktop?

Bowie Poag <> wrote:
> > me and one or two others have explicitly stated that this list is NOT
> > considered "general public" and does not want to be confronted with a final
> > document to nod at.
> Id envision the final "nod of approval" to happen far beyond the scope of
> the people who correspond/read the mailing list. After all, its kinda hard
> to be impartial to something you yourself have worked on. :) 

exactly what I said. we here (if I may take it to speak for the majority) DO
NOT want to place a nod on something. we want to create it.

> Yeah. The Style Guide will be written based largely on the desires of
> people who have expressed valid, informed points of view, with a very
> careful balance between the needs of the user and the needs of the coder.
> Its just that the more people have swimming in the pond, the muddier the
> water gets, so to speak. 

there is a problem in this. I have a couple of resources at hand, with
friends who work in such businesses as screen design, psychology and such,
plus an extensive library of my own.
but I can't go to my friends and say "tell me something about gui's" nor can
I dig through books with that intention. I need something more detailed
before I can comment on it. I bet there are about a dozen things in your
style guide that I would comment on this way, but as I don't know them, I
can't address 'em.

> The history of the Declaration of Independence & The Bill Of Rights are
> both good examples of what i'm talking about. Both were documents which
> (in the end, at least) were penned by a very small group of people based
> on the input of a large number of others.

as I said: maybe you are right and going the right way. but maybe you are
not. that's why I'll go and start a second style guide. one of them will go
to /dev/null in the end and at that point we'll know for sure who was right
about how this should be done. ok with you?

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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