Re: GNOME UISG (Was Err..To Desktop...)

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Bowie Poag wrote:
> The whole purpose of the IRC Conference -is- to addres, and debate the
> basic framework, that is, what will be shown at that URL in the future. It
> will be ready by Sunday. :)

The only problem with this approach is that IRC requires that everyone be
online at the same time.  Given that people have different schedules, and
that many (I would guess most, but I haven't done a formal count) of the
GNOME developers are not in the United States, this is a very dificult
proposition.  I would say that IRC is an inappropriate medium for formal
discussion of something like this.

I would add that, since this list was formed for disussion of issues just
like this Style Guide, that this list would be a very appropriate medium
for formal discussion of it.  I have not heard a single person say that
they don't want to see Style Guide discussions on the gnome-gui-list.


PS: Just call me Gleef, everyone else does.

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