Re: Err..To Desktop Or Not To Desktop?

> Bowie Poag <> wrote:
> > > But we're NOT The People.  We're the programmers.  We should be
> > > closer to the Style Guide than they are.
> > 
> > No, you shouldn't. Here's why. Your position of importance (and yes, it is
> > a position of importance) happens to be no greater than that of any
> > current, or potential user.
> if that is your position, then I will start today writing a style guide of
> my own and publishing every step of its development. this is the way free
> software works.

My position is this: NO ONE is more important than anyone else, in this
process.. The programmer's needs cant be put ahead of the user's needs.
The user's needs cant be put ahead of the programmers. >I< >MYSELF< are no
more important than the user, OR the programmer. The only way to ensure a
fair and equitable balance within the document is to have equal airplay
for everyone's concerns. Programmers have just as many concerns as users
do..Theyre just a different set of concerns. 

The writing of the Style Guide is a cooperative effort. My definition of
"cooperative" doesnt include when one party takes precedence over the

> don't take that as an attack on your style guide. not knowing what's in
-->((I dont. Your criticism is constructive, and I understand your point.))
> there, I can hardly attack that. you can even profit from this by listening
> to the discussion at those points that are close to some in yours. and once
> we are finished (I have no doubt the common effort will be faster than your
> solo work) we can decide on which version is the better one. maybe in the
> end you are right and it was necessary to keep it secret.

My point is, to toss out PORTIONS of the style guide, for public review,
before the WHOLE style guide has been written is a mistake -- You cant
complete such a document one chunk at a time. You'll end up with a series
of disconnected chunks, not a full, logical, coherent document. Whats
going to happen is, once you get down to the meat of an issue, in every
chunk, youre going to find yourself questioning the fundementals of what
you've written about. Without having the ability to say, "Well, it goes
with this idea over here, and over here, and another principle outlines
over here.." .. You wont have anything to connect it to.

> I just don't agree on keeping the style guide secret. and instead of
> continuing any flames, I'll start something of my own.

In what way is this going to be secret? I dont see it as "secretive" at
all. The authors correspond with the influencers, like you. The end
product of their labor is put infront of you, for your scrutiny.. And even
THEN you can suggest more changes! How is this secretive?

I'm trying to put your fears to rest, here. All this flame has caused
people to think that the Style Guide is to be written by like one guy with
absolutely NO input from the outside. Nothing can be further
from the truth.


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