The Brain

>> > Berin Loritsch <> wrote:
>> > > What I like (this would be in addition to, not instead of MC) would
>> > > based on "The Brain" by Natrificial Software.  You can check out the
>> > > web page at to see what I mean.  It is
>> > > software, but it is an example of how an alternate user interface can
>> > > just feel right.
>> >
>> > I have just taken a good look into that and it looks really cool. I dl
>> > copy in the background right now and will look at it to find out what
>> > really is all about.
>> >
>> > if this works as good as it promises, it would be a cool idea for a
>> > project. my suggestion (wild idea of the moment) would to use this app
>> > in the ROOT window. with a button somewhere on the panel to hide all
>> windows.
>> > that way it would always be there in the background, not as on the
>> screenshots
>> > where it takes away half the screen space.
>> >
>> > anyone else interested in this thing?
>> >
>> Of course, I am! I think the root window placement is the perfect place
>> for it (I was thinking that from the beginning).  Keep in mind, that it's
>> current incarnation is only good at thought organization.  It would
>> require some changes to both avoid patent infringement, and to make it
>> more usable as a file browser on steroids.  The current version is a good
>> start.  When I was fleshing out my ideas, I was thinking in terms of Star
>> Trek (Calling the "plex" a NaviCom and the work area a TactiCom).  If you
>> want a copy of my brain, I can send it to you.  You can't alter it, and
>> I can't remove the irrelevant parts of it (my trial version expired).
>> ----------------------------------------------------------
>> "If you're lusting for ham and eggs, you've already
>> committed breakfast in your heart." -C.S. Lewis
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I think this could be very pretty. But I don't think you should discuss it
in the Gnome GUI list, the same than I think the Gnome panel shouldn't be
discussed here. I have some reasons:
1- I am not sure, but I heard Rasterman saying he hope Gnome won't need the
panel. It will only be a program which is booted by default. You can use
your brain implemetation and not the panel. (I repeat, I am not sure about
this. You should talk with the panel developer. Perhaps it is needed to have
runing the panel but not having it there to launch aplications),
2- The panel is an aplication more. Make all your suggestions for
aplications (menus, key-bindings, etc) and put them in the style guide.
Nothing more. This is a style guide, no the bible, and developers could not
follow it (this could be good with aplications such as the panel or bad with
office aplications which have strange menus).
Well, I would like to see here less flame war and more advance, but I don't
want to tell how since I am not colaborating with this very much. You should
do it, but please, do it.

- yiyus

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